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Minor Leagues, Minor Changes

A quick glance to your right will reveal some minor changes to the ol’ blog dashboard, changes that I hope will add to your overall enjoyment of the Biz Blog experience.

For starters, why not subscribe? Those who do so will receive an email notification each and every time a new post goes live. (Because if there’s one thing you surely need in your life, it’s more email.) Below that you’ll find my five most recent Tweets, and hopefully that will serve as a not-so-subtle reminder to please follow me on Twitter (@bensbiz).

Biz Bloga Lisa says: "Subscribe!"

The links have been updated (and will continue to be updated) as well. I added the category “Ben’s Biz on MiLB.com” to provide links to some of my recurring website features, an action that may help alleviate the disconnect between blog and MiLB.com contact. They are meant to complement one another!


Find me on MiLB.com!

But not everything is about me, of course. I’ve updated the list of team blogs to include heavy hitters such as the Frisco RoughRiders “Insider Blog” (regularly updated and chock full of info) and the similarly information-besotted (and oft humorous) “Inside the Chiefs” with the Chiefs in question hailing from Syracuse.

On the player side of things, check out “Cole Cook’s Stream of Consciousness.” This should turn out to be one of the most creative and unpredictable blogs out there, and recent posts include literal-minded rap song interpretations as well as ruminations on the potential sentience of mouth-residing gingivitis killers.

(Cook, as you may recall, is a right-hander in the Cleveland Indians organization who I interviewed this past June. He actually grew up in Herman’s Head).

Also of note is Mets farmhand Collin McHugh’, whose “A Day Older, A Day Wiser” is a well-written and wise chronicle of the Minor League life. It is certainly worth your time, should you have any to spare.

Reading about the Minor Leagues is fun!

Also, for the heck of it, I threw on a link to one of last season’s personal writing projects: “Leave ‘Em Wanting Moyer,” a start-by-start documentation of Jamie Moyer’s 2010 season. It’s slightly insane, but aren’t we all?

Anyhow, if YOU have any suggestions as to what blogs to highlight and link to (insane or otherwise), then please get in touch via the usual channels. With this bit of housekeeping complete, I’ll leave you with the best Minor League team video that I’ve come across all day.

Over the Line!

And, why not? Here’s one I missed the first-time around: the Round Rock Express’ Ballpark Rob takes on the phenomenon that was “Friday.”



Casual Tuesday

relax.gifI am a blogger, yes, and am often identified as such by those looking to affix a label to what it is I do professionally. That’s okay with me.

But I write articles, too, and would like to take advantage of this relaxed Tuesday afternoon by drawing your attention to that which has recently appeared on MiLB.com: 

New Promotion Preview column went “live” today, as is the case each and every Tuesday. I’ve been getting a fair amount of emails from people who have trouble locating the column. If it is no longer on the MiLB.com homepage, click the “News” tab and then the “Promo Preview” dropdown option.

— The first “Crooked Numbers” of the season can be found HERE. This monthly column highlights improbable and absurd on-field happenings, and I am always grateful to those who get in touch with suggestions for the column. With so much going on out there in the Minors, it is a given that there is much I won’t spot on my own.

— Farm’s Almanac appears each Friday. Last week’s feature on scouts got a great response and can be read HERE.

Continuing on the “relaxed Tuesday” theme, I recently received the following promotional video from the West Michigan Whitecaps. Saturday will be “Salute to Sweatpants Night” at Fifth Third Field, and clearly the best way to promote such an endeavor is by releasing a mascot dance audition video that concludes with an emotional home plate embrace of a pants-less pig.

Sweatpants and the Whitecaps seem like a natural fit, as concession stand items such as THESE practically demand an elastic waistband.


A Great Reason to Hit the Links

coolbaugh.jpgOne of the greatest tragedies to ever occur on a baseball diamond took place on July 22, 2007, when Mike Coolbaugh was struck and killed by a foul ball while coaching first base for the Tulsa Drillers. 

This incident has been well-documented on MiLB.com as well as a wide variety of other outlets; those seeking additional info and perspective should click HERE. (S.L. Price’s “Heart of the Game”, which came out earlier this year, is worth reading as well).

The Coolbaugh Memorial Golf Tournament, established in the wake of the tragedy, serves several purposes. It gives people a chance to celebrate the person that Mike was while raising money for the family he left behind as well as a variety of other causes.

This year’s tournament is scheduled for November 7 at Tapatio Springs Golf in Boerne, TX, cooliegolflogo.jpgand more information can be found HERE. It costs $125 to sign up, which includes lunch, dinner, and, of course, a round of golf.  A charity auction will take place that evening, with a wide array of prizes (baseball-themed and otherwise).

So, if you (and/or your Minor League team) is in relatively close proximity to the tournament, why not sign up? And even those who cannot attend can get involved by donating auction items and/or acting as a sponsor (for more info on that, send an email to coolytourny@yahoo.com).

I’ll be back soon enough with my usual anxiety-laden absurdisms, but I wanted to take a break from that schtick long enough to give the Coolbaugh Memorial Tournament a sincere plug. Thanks for reading.