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Who’s Going to Top This?

It’s a new month, and you know what that means: time for the Akron Aeros to release a new hot dog into the world.

Well, two new hot dogs this time: the “Eighth Wonder” and the “Wonderdog.” And considering that there are 40 topping options to choose from, the possibilities are virtually infinite.


The above trifecta, from top to bottom: 1 — Chocolate Chips 2 — Okra, Cole Slaw and Spicy Mustard 3 — Peanut Butter and Jelly

As for the dogs themselves, both are made from Black Angus Beef. The “Eighth Wonder” isThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for akronaeros.jpg 16 inches long and weighs in at a pound, while the “Wonder Dog” is a more manageable 1/2 pound and 14 inches.

Like the “Three Dog Night” and “Nice 2 Meat You” before it, the Aeros latest creation is from the mind of first-year Food and Beverage director Jason Kerton.

“I probably went through 75 or 80 different toppings, and narrowed it down from there,” he said. “I stand by all 40, everything we’re offering is going to taste good on a hot dog.”

This includes such unlikely candidates such as chocolate chips and Kerton’s personal favorite — peanut butter and jelly.

pbjtime.jpg“It’s like having a chocolate cupcake and a bag of potato chips — sweet and salty,” he said. “The tastes complement each other.”

There are no limits to the amount of toppings that fans can choose, a policy that could result in some truly bizarre combinations. How about wasabi, sprinkles, baked beans, pineapples, and pepperoni?

“Everyone’s taste buds are different, so I say ‘Have at it,'” said Kerton.

— In non-food related Akron Aeros news, the team is taking the now-familiar “Mascot Delivery” concept and applying it to St. Patrick’s Day.

[T]he “Kiss Orbit, He’s Irish?” St. Patrick’s Day ticket package is now available and will be specially delivered to homes and office by Aeros mascot, Orbit.


Funny, I’ve never really thought of a mascot having a specific nationality before.  I always just viewed them as global citizens of ambiguous origin. Regardless, the $100 ticket package consists of the following:

Two tickets to Irish Heritage Night at Canal Park (Thursday, April 28, 7:05 p.m.)

• Eight flexible ticket vouchers good for any Saturday through Thursday home game
• One Aeros “Irish” baseball cap
• Special Delivery from Orbit to home or office (Delivery based on availability)

The following sentence was not included in the press release, although I wish it was: “This offer is not a sham. It rocks!”

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