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Nice 2 Meet You 2

Thumbnail image for akronaeros.jpgWhen we last heard from the Akron Aeros, they were unleashing the infamous “Three Dog Night” upon the world.

Surely you remember. It was a hot dog stuffed inside a brat stuffed inside a kielbasa, a rock ‘n roll referencing monstrosity created by new food and beverage director Jason Kerton. And when it was first announced, Kerton made it clear that there would be plenty more where that came from.

He wasn’t lying.

The Aeros’ newest concession product is the “Nice 2 Meat You,” described as “1.25 lbs of ground beef stuffed with half a pound of all beef hot dogs and finished with a quarter pound of cheese, bacon and grilled onions.”

From the top, it simply looks like large hamburger:


But from the side is where it shines:


Kerton created the “Nice 2 Meet You” despite, or perhaps because of, the reaction to the “Three Dog Night.”

“I didn’t think people would take it as seriously as they did,” he said. “I actually took a pretty good beating from dieticians and nutritionists.They were saying that people like me are the reason that Americans are fat and health care is so expensive.”

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“I just tried to tell them that this is for fun, something new and different” he continued. “If someone wants to eat three of these things a week, then that’s their problem.”

With that said, it’s tempting to interpret the “Nice 2 Meet You” as a reaction to such criticisms.

“I wasn’t going to make [the Nice 2 Meat You] this big, but as I got beat up more and more Icanal.gif thought ‘I’m going to put together the largest thing I can,'” he said. “We had some in the front office today. The girls weren’t too crazy about it, but the guys just destroyed them. It tastes good, this isn’t just something we threw together….instead of having to make a choice between hot dog and hamburger, people can have both.”

Because too much is never enough, the Aeros plan to unveil three more new food items before Opening Day. Kerton says that he’ll be going in a “different direction” with the next one, while also pointing out the wide array of healthy food options available at the Aeros’ Canal Park.

Nonetheless, battle lines have been drawn.

“I’m not going to back off,” he said. “It’s not my fault that health care in this country is so expensive. Don’t put that one on me. I’ll take the heat for a lot of things, but not that.”