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Deep Fried Cornmeal Enters the Mix in Richmond

Hushpuppies.jpgOn Tuesday, I blogged about Richmond’s “Name the Team” contest. Satisfied with my work, I then took the following day off.

But, as the saying goes: “You snooze, you looze.” And I have lost. For while I was convalescing with Country Joe records and The Roald Dahl Omnibus, a crucial development occurred in Richmond’s contest.

A “wild card” entrant has been added to the list of contenders, courtesy of CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell. What happened was this: between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Wednesday, fans were asked to submit their “wild card” name suggestions to Rovell. He recieved over 9000 responses, and chose the following (Drum Roll, please):

Hush Puppies

This is an unorthodox pick, to say the least. Today, Rovell posted on his blog that “The most common names suggested included references to American history
and the local James River. Hundreds of people wrote in for the River
Rapids or River Cats. Others picked names like the Revolution, Generals
and Cannonballs.”

Just one fan, meanwhile, suggested “Hush Puppies.” Despite the lack of anything resembling a common consensus, it captured Rovell’s attention for these reasons:

It has that deep-rooted Southern heritage
It’s different from what has been out there
It’s kid friendly

It has great mascot possibilities

It has an automatic concession tie-in

There is some precedent for “Hush Puppies”, since there is already a Double-A team namedMontgomeryBiscuitsCap.png after a staple Southern food (the Montgomery Biscuits, natch). For the record, I did not submit any “Wild Card” suggestions. But if I had, I would have gone all meta and suggested “Wild Cards”.

At any rate, fans can cast their vote for “Hush Puppies” (or any of the other five suggestions) at the website of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. If the comments section of the Times-Dispatch is an accurate indicator of public opinion, then the local reaction to the half-dozen names on the ballot could charitably be described as “mixed”. This is understandable, given the across-the-board frivolity of the team’s choices. My guess, however, is that fans will come around to the team name (whatever it may be) once a logo is unveiled and an overall marketing game plan established.

iron.gifIt is worth noting that Chuck Domino, chief executive of Richmond Baseball, previously presided over the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. That club has enjoyed two spectacularly successful seasons thus far, and the off-kilter name has played a huge role in how the club brands and markets itself. So, there is reason to believe that the same feat can be achieved in the Richmond market as well.

Promo of the Year Update: As of this writing (2:37 p.m. EST), Bowling Green’s “What Could’ve Been Night” maintains a slight (124 vote) lead over Fresno’s “As Seen on TV Night.” Voting doesn’t end until October 12, so this one is far from over. Vote HERE.


Also, I’m back on Twitter. For real this time: twitter.com/bensbiz

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Rphils Dear Readership —

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. Once again, my overseers have seen fit to assign me a great number of actual articles to write, and this has negatively affected my ability to post on this fine blog.

I suppose there has been some merit to my non-blogging activities, hard as it may be to believe, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. On Thursday, my article on Valentine’s Day in the Minor Leagues appeared.  It made me sad that I do not live in an area in which I can hire an anthropomorphic steam engine to deliver roses and candy to Mrs. Biz Blog. Perhaps one day I will.

Today, my article on Japanese Promotions ran as the lead story on our bi-weekly Minoring inJnight1_1

Business feature. I find Japan to be a truly fascinating country, and am intrigued to see if American teams start to adopt some their promotional techniques. I, for one, would like to live in a world that included Seventh-Inning Stretch Balloons, Fortune Tellers, Beer Vendor Keg Packs, and, of course, Human Tetris.

Finally, on Monday look for my Black History Month article on Moses Fleetwood Walker. This guy was truly one of the most fascinating characters in baseball history. Also, please check out the debut of our new "At Home With" team profile feature. The first subject of this weekly interview column will focus on the Lowell Spinners. Thanks to General Manager Tim Bawmann (who, you may recall, was recently on the losing end of a Super Bowl bet) for taking the time to answer our questions.

Unfortunately, this here post that you are currently enjoying will sit unmolested atop this fine blog for the next week, as myself and the aforementioned Mrs. Biz Blog are going on vacation. In the meantime, please do anything you can to spread the word about this remote internet outpost. More and more people have been making it a regular destination, and I would very much like for this trend to continue!

Thanks, everyone. I am already looking forward to firing this blog back up on February 25th. Please email me (milbbusiness@yahoo.com) if you have any complaints, concerns, questions, or suggestions!

Ben's Biz Blog: Now With More Organization!

Weinterrupt Excuse me, but I must disrupt regular Ben’s Biz Blog content for this important message:

The Ben’s Biz Blog archives (85 posts and growing) are now organized into categories!

Scroll down just a tad and looks to the left, please. If you do, you will see a "Categories" sidebar, featuring 15 distinct choices. Now, instead of scrolling haphazardly through the archives in search of a post, one can just click on its category.

For example, every godforsaken logo change post is included under "Uniforms, Caps, and Apparel", while all the MacPhail Award nominee interviews can be found under "Awards". And so on and so forth, everything is in its place.

Also, one will notice that under each post, its category is listed. Click on this listing to be automatically directed to all other posts that fall under the same category. It’s that simple.

I’m sorry if this post is redundant or self-explanatory to some of my readers. It’s just that I’m trying to make Ben’s Biz Blog as user-friendly as it can possibly be.

As Bartles and/or James used to say (can’t remember which): Thank you for your support!