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From Tucson Arizona All the Way To Reynosa

To paraphrase Neil Young: “Hey Hey My My, Logo News Will Never Die.”

The latest development within this eternal Minor League news subgenre hails from Tucson, as the T-Pads unveiled their uniforms yesterday.


The three variations depicted above, from left to right:

Home: White jerseys and pants, with “Padres” written across the front in the same font thetpadlogo.jpg San Diego Padres wore from 1978-1984.

Military: [T]he Tucson Padres are wearing camouflage military jerseys for Sunday home games and other appropriate military holidays…As a gesture of support for the Tucson military community, the San Diego Padres are giving these game worn jerseys from 2010 to the Tucson Padres for the 2011 season.

Road: Gray jerseys and pants, with “Tucson” scripted across the front in the same font the San Diego Padres wore from 1978-1984.

And then there’s the cap:


[A] Tucson version of the Swinging Friar, with a replica of the San Diego Padres mascot using a “Tucson” bat. The Tucson Padres cap is navy blue, with the friar logo outlined in white.

As you’ll recall, the T-Pads’ retro desert-themed logo was unveiled in January. Yesterday’s uniform announcement completes the look, and is just the latest in what has been a rapid-fire offseason for the PCL’s newest entry. My recent Minoring in Business feature takes a look at the club — how it came to be as well as its future — and can be read HERE.

And since we’re on the indestructible topic of logo news, take a look at the Nashua Knights of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League.


The Silver Knights are unaffiliated and amateur and therefore out of my jurisdiction, but I am including them because the team’s operations are being overseen by the Lowell Spinners. The logo is the work of diehard Parisian baseball fan Aurelien Durand, who first came to the Spinners’ attention after he submitted well-regarded logos to the New York-Penn League and NYPL All-Star Game logo contests.

Finally, baseball journalist Alejandro Aguerrebere recently sent me an email containing Mexican League logos. What better time than now to share a few?

Take ’em on out, boys: