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A Little Something For Everyone

applepie.jpgIt’s a relatively slow time of year, and therefore my supply of blog-worthy material is at preternaturally low levels. But even in these times of famine I can still piece together a post, in much the same way my forefathers were able to piece together artisanal barrels out of tree bark, dried lily pads, and sap.

First and foremost, I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact that today is Veteran’s Day. Many teams have made a note of this fact via Twitter, Facebook, and website acknowledgments, but in particular I would like to highlight THIS COLUMN written by Wisconsin Timber Rattlers broadcaster Chris Mehring. Using Gary Bedingfield’s ‘Baseball in Wartime‘ website as a guide, Chris provides a interesting primer on the those who have suited up within both professional baseball and the armed forces. The column also includes a mention of Moe Berg, whose story is fascinating and always worth re-visiting.

— Moving on to the world of logos, the Midland RockHounds unveiled their 2010 Texas League All-Star Game insignia. Behold this most quintessentially American piece of pop art:

2010 asg.jpg
And, please, keep any “crude” comments you may have to yourself.

— Moving on, I would like to point out that the Buffalo Bisons are prominently featured in a new AT&T commercial. I am unable to embed this masterwork of persuasion into this blog, but check it out HERE on the team’s Facebook page.

— Finally, a news story I wrote on the third annual Mike Coolbaugh Memorial Golf Tournament can be found HERE. Check it out, and make plans to attend 2010.  


A Great Reason to Hit the Links

coolbaugh.jpgOne of the greatest tragedies to ever occur on a baseball diamond took place on July 22, 2007, when Mike Coolbaugh was struck and killed by a foul ball while coaching first base for the Tulsa Drillers. 

This incident has been well-documented on MiLB.com as well as a wide variety of other outlets; those seeking additional info and perspective should click HERE. (S.L. Price’s “Heart of the Game”, which came out earlier this year, is worth reading as well).

The Coolbaugh Memorial Golf Tournament, established in the wake of the tragedy, serves several purposes. It gives people a chance to celebrate the person that Mike was while raising money for the family he left behind as well as a variety of other causes.

This year’s tournament is scheduled for November 7 at Tapatio Springs Golf in Boerne, TX, cooliegolflogo.jpgand more information can be found HERE. It costs $125 to sign up, which includes lunch, dinner, and, of course, a round of golf.  A charity auction will take place that evening, with a wide array of prizes (baseball-themed and otherwise).

So, if you (and/or your Minor League team) is in relatively close proximity to the tournament, why not sign up? And even those who cannot attend can get involved by donating auction items and/or acting as a sponsor (for more info on that, send an email to coolytourny@yahoo.com).

I’ll be back soon enough with my usual anxiety-laden absurdisms, but I wanted to take a break from that schtick long enough to give the Coolbaugh Memorial Tournament a sincere plug. Thanks for reading.