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Bringing It To You Straight, No Taser

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Altoona_Curve.gifOn-field fan incidents have been a big topic of conversation ever since the controversial tasering of a fan at a Phillies game earlier this month.

Perhaps this explains why the Altoona Curve have made national headlines today, after a bizarre incident at Blair County Ballpark last night. After sneaking into the stadium via a parking garage, an intoxicated homeless man wandered across the outfield during the bottom of the ninth inning of a contest between the Curve and Akron Aeros.

The man, who lacked identification but gave his name as “Tyrone R. Squires”, was detained by Curve security without incident and then turned over to Altoona police. A detailed write-up of Squires’ misadventures appeared in today’s edition of The Altoona Mirror, and this account served as the basis of an Associated Press article that has been picked up by The New York Times among other outlets.

Curve media relations director Dan Zangrilli said the team was a bit perplexed over the national attention.

“It wasn’t that big a deal, quite honestly. It was just a guy who decided to take a little cruise along the warning track,” he said. “The whole thing was uneventful, and posed no threat to players or fans. That said, we do take this kind of thing seriously. Trespassing is a serious offense, and we turned him over to the authorities.”

But right now the team has bigger issues on its mind: preserved meat products. Tonight’sBraunschweiger.jpg Wacky Wednesday promotion at Blair County Ballpark is “Livin La Vida Lunch Meat”, a comprehensive salute to all things meaty that received a write-up in the most recent edition of “Promotion Preview.”

“It’s all about the Braunschweiger, baby,” said Zangrilli.

— I hope to continue yesterday’s classification-based post in the near future, but for now I’ll dispense with such formalities in order to share a couple of most-interesting Minor League developments.

The Brooklyn Cyclones have released a sketch of what is sure to be one of 2010’s most-sought after bobbleheads: Mets rookie sensation (and former Cyclone) Ike Davis in the midst of one of his now trademark dugout-tumbling snags:


The giveaway is on August 2, distributed to the first 2500 fans — get your tickets now and arrive early.

In other intriguing bobblehead news, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers have announced the finalists for September’s “Fan’s Choice” bobble.

In my mind, the choice that stands out above the rest is “Scooter Vs. the Snowman”, commemorating a particularly memorable moment that occurred during the club’s whitewashed Opening Day.

Thumbnail image for wisconsin snow 3.jpg

Finally, I wanted to share this video I received from the Memphis Redbirds, featuring a Baby T-Rex throwing out the first pitch. It’s going to be a long time before I tire of watching this:

The Baby T-Rex is scheduled to make its next appearance in Reading on May 25, once again throwing out the first pitch and then spending the remainder of the game ambling through the stadium. This will allow fans plenty of time to contemplate the genetic links between dinosaurs and the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor’s loyal ostrich:



Tebow: The Letter

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 131_logo_Miracle_M_Logo.jpgEarlier in the week, I put together a hasty cut ‘n paste blog post about the Fort Myers Miracle and their “What Would Tim Tebow Do” promotion.

The reason I did this was because I suspected that the promotion would receive national attention. Well, it did, but in a more roundabout way than I initially suspected. The promotion was held yesterday as planned, except with no specific references to Tim Tebow. This counter-intuitive development occurred because the team received a “cease-and-desist” email from the University of Florida.

“Under NCAA rules, it is not permissible to use the name or picture of a student-athlete in the promotion of a commercial product or service,” wrote Florida senior associate athletic director Jamie McCloskey. “Failure to abide by this rule would result in the student-athlete being ruled ineligible.”

It was this aspect of the promotion that ended up getting national attention, largely thanks touf_logo.jpg an Associated Press article that appeared early this afternoon (“Minor League team sacks Tebow promotion night” read the clever but misleading headline). Where the AP goes, others are sure to follow, and at this point Google lists 170 outlets that have picked up on the story in some way, shape, or form.

But, again, the promotion still happened. It wasn’t so much “sacked” as “deflected into the hands of an open reciever.”

“It turned out positively for us,” said Miracle director of promotions Gary Sharp. “We did everything the same way we would have, except we just said ‘T.T.’ instead of ‘Tim Tebow.'”

One aspect of the promotion that didn’t work out was the guest appearance of a local man named “Tim Tebo”, who was scheduled to walk on water as part of a between-inning stunt.

“I told him that there would be some media, but nothing serious, and he just clammed up,” said Sharp. “I couldn’t get a firm commitment out of him, because he told me that he doesn’t really like being around people. So we had one of our interns don a Gator jersey and walk on water instead.”

faith.jpgOne special guest who did show up was a local faith healer, who set up shop on the team’s party deck.

“He was out there mingling, but didn’t really get any business,” said Sharp, who perhaps overestimated the market for ballpark faith healing.

The team did get some interesting feedback from fans of rival Florida State, however.

“We got some emails saying ‘This is awesome. You should do the promo as planned so that Tebow isn’t eligible to play this season.'” recalled Sharp.

Sharp’s comment brings up a larger issue. Namely — would it really be possible for a college athlete to lose his eligibility due to the actions of a Minor League Baseball team? If so, teams should take advantage of this newfound power! The opportunity to make some money via blackmail and extortion would be hard to pass up.

Finally, some of you may remember that one of the promotion’s many selling points was this:

[Since] Tebow is perfect the Miracle will also have to be perfect on Wednesday night. If the Miracle commit an error during the game, fans will recieve a ticket to Sunday’s regular season finale.

Well, the Miracle did indeed commit an error, and fans did indeed receive free tickets to Sunday’s game.

“In the locker room after the game, players were asking me ‘Is this what you wanted? Did we do the right thing by making an error?'” said Sharp. “So even they were getting into it.”

As it turns out, very little ceasing and desisting went on in Fort Myers. It was more like “Slightly modify, then proceed as planned.”