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Good For What Visalia

visalia.jpgI have not done the most thorough job of highlighting team uniform and logo changes this offseason, but I must draw everyone’s attention to an announcement that was made in the fine state of California yesterday afternoon:

The Visalia Oaks are now the Visalia Rawhide. Sez the team:

“The name change, along with a sweeping rebranding of club logos,
colors, mascot and uniforms, and the renovation of Recreation Ballpark,
represents the start of a new era for the 63-year-old ballclub.”

Well, that’s a lot of changes! Let’s investigate further (in this case, “investigate” means “readcowbell.jpg the press release”). Here’s a quote from team president Tom Seidler:

“[Rawhide] invokes the agriculture and dairy industries’ prominence in Tulare
County, it’s fun and family-oriented, and it even comes with a
ready-made theme song. Not to mention that ‘Rawhide’ has always been a
slang word in baseball; both baseballs and baseball gloves are made of
rawhide. We also like the way it gives a nod of respect to another
local sports institution — the historic Cowhide football rivalry. We
believe it all ties in very nicely, and we think it’s going to be great
fun for everyone involved.”

You got to love when a team name comes equipped with a built-in theme song. Perhaps the club could also play clips from the 1938 western “Rawhide” on the videoboard — the movie stars Lou Gehrig in his only film role! It would certainly be a good idea to steer clear of the 1981 “adult western” of the same name, however.

Rawhide.jpgThe press release goes on to note the team’s growing tendency to align itself with Visalia’s Dairy industry, and illustrates this fact by mentioning the coverage it received from yours truly. I have finally made it to the big time! Lastly, Visalia fans have some stadium improvements to look forward to as well:

Other additions include new concessions and a new merchandise store. A
grass berm seating space, where families can spread out a beach blanket
and watch a ballgame, will also debut, as well as a kids’ play area
that will include a whiffle ball field, speed pitch, picnic table
seating and a host of inflatable games. Renovated skyboxes, new team
dugouts, and a re-laid playing surface will round out the myriad of
positive changes at the ballpark by Opening Day.

All in all, it looks like 2009 is going to be a memorable season for Visalia fans. As the club so brilliantly puts it — It’s going to be a whole “moo” ballgame.