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Free Publicity and Foregone Conclusions

I had a blog post all ready to go this morning, but then a “big” “news story” came across my “desk”:

Last night, the Akron Aeros got a prominent shoutout on “The Daily Show.” The team’s recent “Nice 2 Meat You” burger caused the perpetually apoplectic Lewis Black to wax enthusiastic. Watch it HERE (the Aeros come in at the 2:25 mark).

And here’s the picture, first seen on this blog, that appeared on the show.

Thumbnail image for Nice2side.JPG

Touting the “Nice 2 Meat You” as a much-needed antidote to the beef-skimping Taco Bells of the world, Black held aloft a pair of ducats and claimed that he would be at the Akron Aeros home opener.

black.jpg“Look for me on the Jumbotron,” he yelled. “I’ll be the one having a heart attack.”

Talk about going out in style. Hey Lewis, you might as well have a “Three Dog Night” while you’re at it. And then, if still living, go on a road trip that includes Charleston and West Michigan.

I caught up with Aeros food and beverage director Jason Kerton this morning, and he says that he had no idea that his creation was going to get a mention during Black’s latest broadside.

“I was falling asleep on the couch last night, and my phone started beeping left and right,” said Kerton. “I was getting a lot of texts from friends telling me that [Nice 2 Meat You] was on TV.”

And while no one wants Black to go into cardiac arrest while enjoying an Aeros game, the team would love to see him make an appearance at Canal Park this season.

“We’d give him the burger, a Three Dog Night, and anything else he wanted,” said Kerton. “But I’m still in shock that we were on the Daily Show. It was funny that we were on it, and even more funny that no one knew it was going to happen.”

We now return to regularly scheduled programming…

Happy Groundhog’s Day!Groundhog_of_Lenoir,_NC,_USA.jpg

Most teams ignore this special day of rodent weather prognostication, instead focusing their energies on Valentine’s Day. But in Norfolk, the Tides have put together a promotion with an extremely easy-to-predict result:

[We’re not] taking any chances that a groundhog in Punxsutawney sees his shadow and curses everyone to six more weeks of winter.

Instead, the Tides have employed the weather-prognosticating services of Rip Tide, and they have even offered a bribe to the furry mascot. If Rip Tide doesn’t see his shadow – or just blatantly ignore his shadow all together – then the Tides will give 25 lucky fans a pair of tickets to the Tides game on Sunday, April 17.

And the stunning result? Rip Tide didn’t see his shadow, winter will soon be over, and fans may now enter into a drawing for free tickets. And, for maximum publicity, this all went down on a local morning news program. Good work, Rip Tide.


Meanwhile, the Portland Sea Dogs didn’t even make a pretense of pretending that a Punxsutawney prognostication had any meaning to them.


The team’s “Groundhog Day Special” is as cut-and-dry as a Saharan bodybuilder.

Regardless of whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow today, there are only 9 weeks before the Sea Dogs open the 2011 Season! Therefore the Sea Dogs have a special $9 ticket package offer for fans, good today only!

A different sort of mascot intrigue is going on over in Lancaster, as JetHawks mascot KaBoom is intimating that he may leave the real world for a virtual one.


As we inch our way closer to the 2011 season it seems as if JetHawks fans are all asking the same question; Is it true that KaBoom will join the next generation of Angry Birds?

Lancaster JetHawks Director of Promotions Jeremy Castillo addressed the issue early Monday morning, “At this point I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors. KaBoom and I have had a few closed door meetings, and he has expressed some interest in the game. That’s really all I can say at this time.”

If KaBoom does indeed join the next generation of Angry Birds, it would make him the first Minor League mascot video game character of all time. Let’s all salute this avian innovator:

Or, as I like to call him, an “innavianator.”


Nice 2 Meet You 2

Thumbnail image for akronaeros.jpgWhen we last heard from the Akron Aeros, they were unleashing the infamous “Three Dog Night” upon the world.

Surely you remember. It was a hot dog stuffed inside a brat stuffed inside a kielbasa, a rock ‘n roll referencing monstrosity created by new food and beverage director Jason Kerton. And when it was first announced, Kerton made it clear that there would be plenty more where that came from.

He wasn’t lying.

The Aeros’ newest concession product is the “Nice 2 Meat You,” described as “1.25 lbs of ground beef stuffed with half a pound of all beef hot dogs and finished with a quarter pound of cheese, bacon and grilled onions.”

From the top, it simply looks like large hamburger:


But from the side is where it shines:


Kerton created the “Nice 2 Meet You” despite, or perhaps because of, the reaction to the “Three Dog Night.”

“I didn’t think people would take it as seriously as they did,” he said. “I actually took a pretty good beating from dieticians and nutritionists.They were saying that people like me are the reason that Americans are fat and health care is so expensive.”

Thumbnail image for barentop.jpg

“I just tried to tell them that this is for fun, something new and different” he continued. “If someone wants to eat three of these things a week, then that’s their problem.”

With that said, it’s tempting to interpret the “Nice 2 Meet You” as a reaction to such criticisms.

“I wasn’t going to make [the Nice 2 Meat You] this big, but as I got beat up more and more Icanal.gif thought ‘I’m going to put together the largest thing I can,'” he said. “We had some in the front office today. The girls weren’t too crazy about it, but the guys just destroyed them. It tastes good, this isn’t just something we threw together….instead of having to make a choice between hot dog and hamburger, people can have both.”

Because too much is never enough, the Aeros plan to unveil three more new food items before Opening Day. Kerton says that he’ll be going in a “different direction” with the next one, while also pointing out the wide array of healthy food options available at the Aeros’ Canal Park.

Nonetheless, battle lines have been drawn.

“I’m not going to back off,” he said. “It’s not my fault that health care in this country is so expensive. Don’t put that one on me. I’ll take the heat for a lot of things, but not that.”