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A New Moon in Asheville

Today is a big day on the North Carolina League logo front, as both the Asheville Tourists and Kinston Indians have overhauled their identities. This post will focus on the Tourists, who are making like Margaret Wise Brown on opposite day and saying “Hello Moon”!


But that’s “Mr. Moon” to you, as that’s the name of the shades-wearing natural satellite featured prominently on the new cap design.

Mr. Moon.JPG

In an homage to the moon’s longstanding reputation as a preeminent provider of nocturnal light, the above image glows in the dark.

But why such an emphasis on the moon in the first place? The team explains in a press release that:

“The concept pays tribute to countless moon-lit nights at McCormick Field, during which the Tourists have become part of the summer fabric for families throughout the Land of the Sky….The Tourists are the first team to incorporate a moon into their identity program. The closest may have occurred 100 years ago, when the Asheville team in the Class D Southeastern League (1910) and the Appalachian League (1911-12) was known as the Moonshiners.” 

And in case you didn’t know, Mr. Moon is a big fan of ribs that float through space until reaching his eager crater-filled maw. This is an alternate logo, and a brilliant one at that:


And let’s not forget the batting practice cap, which features Mr. Moon utilizing his trusty hobo’s bindle as a bat:


What it all adds up to is a happy constellation of logos:


Some of which are available — right now! — in cap form:


All of the above is courtesy of the increasingly ubiquitous Plan B Branding, who, along with Studio Simon, are the Coke and Pepsi of the Minor League logo landscape.

And speaking of cola: “RC” you later, as I’ve got a plane to catch. I’ll provide additional logo news and posts as soon as I am able. In the meantime, what’s YOUR opinion on all this?