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About Last Night: Jupiter Hammerheads, April 14, 2015

This season, when I’m on the road, I’ll be writing a short, on-the-spot blog post about each Minor League ballpark that I visit. Then, upon my ecstatically  triumphant return home, I will provide the full, multifaceted, wordplay-obsessed blog coverage that you have have come to know and perhaps even love. So let’s get to it!

April 14, 2015 — Roger Dean Stadium, home of the Jupiter Hammerheads and Palm Beach Cardinals (Class A Advanced affiliates of the Marlins and Cardinals, respectively). On this evening, the home team was the Hammerheads.

Opponent: Clearwater Threshers, 6:35 p.m. start time

Roger Dean Stadium, from the outside: The stadium is located within Abacoa, a planned community in Jupiter, Florida. Its grounds encompass some 120 acres; Roger Dean is the busiest stadium in Minor League Baseball.


Roger Dean Stadium, from within:


Culinary Delight: Designated Eater Stephen Goldsmith contemplates a hot dog, brat, nachos and Italian sausage (the entirety of the menu, outside of snacks and dessert).


Waiting for the Punch-Vine (my nightly attempt at telling an “original” ballpark joke in six seconds):

At Random: Members of the Knothole Gang were instructed to get a selfie with me as part of a Kid’s Club Ballpark Scavenger Hunt. I made sure to return the favor by getting selfies of my own.


Last Song Played Over the PA: An R&B/hip-hop mix kept playing into the night as the grounds crew did work on the field. I stopped paying attention after this:

Next Up: Jackie Robinson Game at Dodgertown in Vero Beach — today, April 15!

4/16: St. Lucie Mets

4/17: Brevard County Manatees

4/18: Jacksonville Suns




New Video Tuesday

While the title of this post would lead you to believe that “New Video Tuesday” is a recurring feature, I assure you that it is not. Nor will it be.

You see, I am in the middle of composing a post of much greater substance — a post that will not be completed until tomorrow at the earliest. But I didn’t want this blog to lay dormant until that moment of completion occurs. That would result in a level of stagnancy that is thoroughly intolerable in this, the information age.

After all, content is content is content. Thus, “New Video Tuesday”:

Flame-throwing Cardinals prospect Casey Mulligan is doing very well on the mound this season. But, as the video shows, he’s even more talented as a dancer (thanks to Jonathan Mayo for the heads-up):

Of course, this marks the second “dancing during a rain delay” video I have posted this season. In case you have forgotten the first, here it is yet again:

Next, we have yet another immaculately produced parody video from the Greenville Drive. These guys are operating on an advanced level:

Of course, this marks the second “Greenville Drive Parody video” I
have posted this season. In case you have forgotten the first, here it
is yet again:

For the record, this remains my favorite Minor League parody video of all time:

Seriously, of the 3000 views that video currently has, about 150 can be attributed to me.

Until tomorrow, I remain,