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Richmond Inches Toward A Name

mynameis.jpgAfter a hectic and stressful (but ultimately satisfying) week at the Minor League Baseball Promotional Seminar, I have returned to New York City’s comforting embrace. What can I say? The city’s talons have a vice-like grip on my skull, and I’m okay with that.

I am also okay with the fact that it is now, completely and totally, the offseason. Since Labor Day I have been pinballing wildly between anger and denial regarding the cessation of the 2009 Minor League campaign, but peace has finally been attained. And just in the nick of time, too, because today I have one of my favorite offseason topics to write about: A Name the Team Contest!

The team in question is the Franchise Formerly Known as the Connecticut Defenders, who will be playing in Richmond in 2010 (and beyond…an article I wrote on the topic can be found HERE). Over the past two weeks, the team solicited name suggestions from fans. Over 6000 entries were recieved, and today the finalists were announced. Here they are, in order alphabetical:

Flatheads: A type of catfish (NOT referring to a type of screwdriver, engine valveflathead.jpg configuration, medical syndrome, or a song by the Fratellis).

Flying Squirrels: Gliding mammals that can be found in the Richmond area.

Hambones: A reference to the high-quality ham that is produced in the state of Virginia (not to be confused with the defunct literary journal, or blues guitarist Hambone Willie Newbern).

Rock Hoppers: People or animals that move from rock to rock while traversing a river are known as “Rock Hoppers”. That’s all I’ve got.

Rhinos: These are obviously not native to Richmond. But “Richmond Rhinos” sounds pretty cool, and that’s all that matters.

The name-the-team contest is being run through the website of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and those who wish to vote can do so HERE. Voting runs through October 11, and the winner will be announced on the 15th.

As a personal aside, I must express my disappointment that my entry of the “Richmond Richie Riches” was rejected. Perhaps brokering a licensing deal with Harvey Comics would have been prohibitively expensive, but such considerations did not deter the Casper Ghosts.

VOTE! — We are now in Day 5 of voting for MiLB.com’s “Promotion of the Year.” The Bowling Green Hot Rods’ “What Could’ve Been Night” currently enjoys a commanding lead, but there is still plenty of time for another team to come from behind. Voting ends on the 12th, at which point I will contact the winning team with messages of congratulations. I will also be seeking quotes.