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Meat, Fire, Bobbleheads, Silence, and Announcers

As a hardened veteran of the anthropomorphic pork beat, I’m rarely phased by any of the news which emanates from this durable sub-genre of the Minor League Baseball experience.

But the Lehigh Valley IronPigs are really taking things to the next level. First came the announcement that “Barbie Q” had been added to the team’s stable of meat racers:

Barbie-Q will be racing against Hambone, Chris P. Bacon, and Diggity this season, and despite her newness on the scene she has already been granted a rare form of immortality:

This mammoth installation is called — what else? — Mt. Porkmore. On Tuesday the team asked fans to come up with a caption for the above image, and while many of the respondents didn’t quite seem to grasp the concept of “making a joke”, there sure were some good ones.

I think my favorite was “Do you smell what the rock is cooking?”, but one Dave Johnson deserves special mention for his submission of “We should give Dave Johnson from Bethlehem, PA some free Iron Pigs tickets.”

UPDATE: The team has since chosen a winning caption. One that is, in my mind, thoroughly “meaty”-ocre:

“Don’t take them for granite.”

But Pork isn’t the only thing cooking in the Keystone State. On Tuesday, the State College Spikes announced that Ted Batchelor would be making a Friday (July) the 13th appearance at the inimitably named “Medlar Field at Lubrano Park.” I’ve written about Ted Batchelor quite a bit on these virtual pages, but in case you need a visual refresher:

I have always been and always will be an advocate of the quixotic endeavor, and greatly appreciate that Minor League Baseball as an industry supports them as well. Batchelor’s goal is to be lit on fire in all 50 states — why not help him out?

Moving on to that which is only metaphorically incendiary, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers have released the first in a series of videos promoting their Opening Day bobbleheads. I believe this is the first time that “Kill Bill” has been parodied within the Minor League landscape:

I also believe that, with this, the Omaha Storm Chasers have become the first team to make an online video stylistically inspired by the classic film era.

I’ll close with this random bit of uber-impressive information:

You may recall that way back in April I wrote about a post which mentioned the four Pacific Coast League announcers that had called at least 2500 games.  Eight months after the fact, Toledo Mud Hens director of public relations/broadcaster Jason Griffin wrote in with this:

Jim Weber has been calling Mud Hens games since 1975…he has called 4,720 Toledo games in a row without missing a SINGLE broadcast…if you assume a game of 2:40 that is 45,312,000 seconds of play-by-play.

Whoa! Has any active Minor League broadcaster been able to log that many seconds? Please write to me in September with your answers!



Flippin' Out At the Winter Meetings (Pt. 2)

palm.jpgMy last Winter Meetings post brought you the perspectives of stuntmen, weapons experts, and anti-chafing impresarios. Well, there’s more where that came from!

Another heroic bout with video uploading has resulted in a new series of Orlando interviews, once again featuring individuals you’d be unlikely to see elsewhere. First up is Marc Simone of Coyote Promotions, showing off some of his latest innovations.

Finally, creative fans will have the chance to create a brave new world of kaleidoscopically-colored racing meat products!

Next up is a discussion with Doug Verb of Action Sports America, makers of the “World’s Largest Jersey” (the Garden State might take issue with that claim, but that’s neither here nor there).

And, switching up the pace, here’s an interview with job-seeking pitcher Scot Drucker. I featured Scot in a story that ran on MiLB.com last month, and enjoyed meeting him in person. It’s not often that players attend the Winter Meetings, but Drucker figured it would be a good chance to stump for his own cause.

And since this interview was conducted, Drucker has indeed found his “next step.” He announced the following bit of news on his Twitter account yesterday: “Viva las Mexico, finalizing winterball details to play in Mexico. More details to follow”

This will do it for me when it comes to Winter Meetings content. For those keeping score at home (anybody?) I wrote four blog posts and three articles in unsunny Orlando.. Click HERE for the most recent MiLB.com piece, which includes links to all the previous coverage.

I’ll be back on Monday with a recap of all that I missed while I was gone. But, for now — it’s Gratuitous Video Friday! Since I’m feeling indulgent, here’s the trailer for a movie I “starred” in at the age of 17.

There’s a lot more where that came from.