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Choosing Charleston

Thumbnail image for profriverdogs.jpgI was just pondering what topic to focus on in today’s Biz Blog entry, when an email landed in my inbox with a portentous thud (obviously, I need to change the audio settings on my laptop).

The email was from the Charleston RiverDogs, one of the teams that I was considering focusing on in today’s post. I do not take new email messages lightly, interpreting each one as a divine riddle to be deciphered by my all-too-human mind. So, the conclusion I have come to is that I must focus on the RiverDogs in this post.

Specifically, I must focus on the RiverDogs’ recently-released promo schedule. Man oh man is it a doozy. It can be read in its entirety here, but allow me to zero in on some highlights.

Salute to Cooterfest (April 15) —  On this special day, the club will pay tribute to the Charleston area’s long tradition of turtle raising. Were you expecting something else?

Salary Cap Giveaway (May 2) —  I am really curious to see what a literal “salary cap” looks like. Here’s my guess:

salary cap.jpg 

Salute to the G-String, June 11 — Apparently, “select” fans will receive a G String upon entering the stadium. Let’s hope this has something to do with guitars.

Here’s To You Mr. Competitive Adult Softball Player Night (June 18) — The RiverDogs’ front office must be big fans of tongue-in-cheek Budweiser ad campaigns.

Nancy Appreciation Night (June 30) — From Drew to Pelosi to Reagan to Grace, the RiverDogs will be paying tribute to notable Nancys. But the best part of the evening is that the RiverDogs will pick one Nancy out of the Charleston phone book; she will then be “lampooned” throughout the ballgame.

Football Night “Ilegal Use of Your Ed Hochuli” (August 11) —  Are the RiverDogs implying that “Ed Hochuli” is a body part? I’ve never heard that terminology before, but you learn something new every day.

To conclude this post, I must offer my customary “kudos” to the RiverDogs. Once again, they have shown a willingness to innovate and experiment when it comes to promos. Also, they offer this at the ballpark:

Homewrecker Hot Dog.jpg