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Kitchen Sink Not Included

Today I’ll just throw all of my stray topics into a pot and stir ’em up, and hope it results in something edible. It’s blog jambalaya, which I would call “blogalaya” except that’s too cringe-inducing for even me to endure.

Fortunately, nothing cringe-inducing ever comes out of the Minor Leagues, where all artistic endeavors immediately transcend the temporal. For example, the Peoria Chiefs produced this mascot parody rap video as part of Wednesday’s “Snoop Shizzle Night

I like that Homer lives it up “almost” every single day, it’s a refreshing acknowledgment that even mascots need their down time. But the best lyric is “He gets the crowd to go wild/and chances are he’s read to your child.”

Staying on the musical tip, it’s worth noting that two clubs took the time to detail their team’s at-bat music. First, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (courtesy of Chris Mehring’s ridiculously prolific “Rattler Radio” blog):

timber.gifScooter Gennett – “Play Ball” by Soulja
Boy feat. Drake
D’Vontrey Richardson – “Do Ya Thang” by PSC feat. TI
Fatse – “I Made It” by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne
Cameron Garfield
– “Till I collapse” by Eminem
Austin Stockfisch – “Green Onions” by
Booker T and the MGs
Chris Dennis – “It’s My Time” by Fabolous
Halton – “Over” by Drake
Joey Paciorek – “Young Cardinals” by
Carlos George – “Big Things Poppin'” by TI
Marseco – “Escape” by Our Last Night
Khris Davis – “Gangsta Rap Made
Me Do It” by Ice Cube
Franklin Romero – “I Know You Want Me” by

“Young Cardinals”, Joey Pacoriek? Really? You’re playing for a Brewers affiliate.

In a most informative Facebook update, the Stockton Ports provided a list of walk-up songs, as well as pitcher intro music:

Hitters: [Artist-Song Title-Player]ports logo.gif

Lil Keke-Imma Boss (Jermaine Mitchell)

Booker T Jones-Green Onions (Jason Christian)

John Cena-The Time is Now (Dusty Napoleon)

Freeway & Jake One-Throw Your Hands (Shane Keough)

Stevie Wonder-Superstitious (Petey Paramore)

Big & Rich-Loud (Ryan Ortiz)

Lil Wayne-One Way Trip-(Jeremy Barfield)

The Outfield-Your Love (Grant Green)

Jay Z-Moment of Clarity (David Thomas)

Damian Marley-Welcome to Jamrock (Steve Parker)

Seed-Waterpumpie (Kala Ka’aihue)

Pitchers: [Artist-Song Title-Player]

ACDC-Thunderstruck (Daniel Thomas)

Dave Matthews Band- Warehouse-Live in Central Park (Trey Barham)

Kevin Rudolph-I Made it (Lance Sewell)

Guns N Roses-Welcome to the Jungle (Scott Deal)

Lynard Skynard-Simple Man (Daniel Sattler)

MGMT-Kids (Murphy Smith)

Sublime-Pawn Shop (Paul Smyth)

Smashing Pumpkins-Cherub Rock (Shawn Haviland)

Scorpions-No One Like You (Scott Hodsdon)

Daddy Yankee-La Gasolina (Anvioris Ramirez)

Don Omar and Daddy Yankee-Hasta Abajo Remix (Jose Pina)

There is much to discuss here, but no time to do it. I’ll just remark that “Moment of Clarity” is an excellent choice on several levels, so kudos to you David Thomas.

Moving from audio to visual, the Lake County Captains are giving away a team comic book tomorrow as part of the nationwide “Free Comic Book Day”:


The comic will be given to those 12 and under, but Captains director of promotions Jonathan Levey writes that Obsessive
adult comic book collectors will no longer be disappointed because the Captains
have partnered with Panelfly to digitally distribute the comic book for free..Delivering the most
true to print read to date – just as the creators intended. If you’d like to
check out the Captains comic book, please download Panelfly for free in the
iTunes store at http://itunes.apple.com/app/panelfly-comics/id320305645?mt=8

The annual Principal Financial Group Family Fun Fest (or the PFGFFF, as I like to call it) kicks off its 2010 schedule on May 13. It’s a Minor League traveling circus:


Entertainment options abound. You might even get the chance to play “Guitar Hero” with a player.

guitar heroes.JPG 

Man, this post is getting quite unwieldy. In the interest of keeping things under control, I will now simply provide some Quick Links!


Voting is underway for the New York-Penn League All-Time Team!
Will Ferrell will be in Round Rock on May 6!
The Spokane Indians have broken ground on a new train car seating area!
The Portland Sea Dogs smartly use their parent club as a ticket-buying incentive!
A Nonagenerian first pitch in Scranton!
A new blog from the perspective of baseball wives!

Finally, I would like to relay the following bit of info, which was located in this week’s “International League Notebook” on MiLB.com:

pops.jpgSyracuse’s train engineer mascot, Pops, had a tough night on April 22.
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre’s Jon Weber lost the grip on his bat after taking a
swing, which sent the club helicoptering into the stands. The bat
struck the baseball-shaped head of the mascot. Nelson Lebron, who was
inside the Pops suit, suffered a bruised shoulder.

This leads to the following philosophical query, one which I will be pondering throughout the weekend:

If a mascot is hit with a bat, but it’s not on YouTube, then did it make a sound?