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On the Road: Rained Out in Chattanooga

lookout.pngUpon arriving at Chattanooga’s AT&T Field yesterday, rain was the furthest thing from my mind. Seriously, precipitation ranked dead last in my internal list of all topics that could possibly occupy my brain space.

So when I arrived at the ballpark about an hour before the 7:15 start time, I leisurely began to document my surroundings. The ballpark is in an interesting location, in the heart of downtown Chattanooga yet also set apart from it.

This is the first stadium I’ve ever been to that features an escalator outside of the stadium:

Upon arriving at the top of this precipitous peak, one is deposited onto a concourse that wraps around the exterior of the facility.

This concourse offers views of downtown Chattanooga:

Fans looking for learned discourse know where to go:

The stadium entrances lead to a wide concourse, equipped with the usual array of concession stands, restrooms, souvenir stands, and wooden mascot statues:

There’s a heavy mascot presence at AT&T Field. I was able to capture some on film, but others proved to be elusive.
And, of course, there are also seats and a baseball field:
But my idyllic wanderings were soon interrupted by a furious thunderstorm, one that rendered baseball unplayable.
So THIS was my final image of AT&T Field:
And with the posting of that picture now complete, it becomes time for me to leave Chattanooga. Gwinnett County, GA, here I come.


Slugging Saints, Bored Broadcasters, Horse Hoarders, and Tulsa Troubadors

zephyrs.jpgThis past Wednesday, the inaugural “Heath Evans Charity Softball Game” was held at Zephyrs Field in New Orleans (home of the New Orleans Zephyrs, natch).

The event featured Evans and a whole slew of his New Orleans Saints teammates, but it was Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees who stole the show. The multi-talented QB hit home runs from both sides of the plate during the home run derby portion of the evening, and then bashed another one during the game itself.

Somewhat inexplicably, no professional-grade video seems to exist of Brees’ batting barrage. But a few amateur cinematographers documented it to the best of their abilities, as seen here:

From the right:

And during the game:

Moving on from baffling under-documentation to copious over-documentation, the Modesto Nuts recently released a video that details just how maddening (and interminable) rain delays can be. Absurdity levels are off the charts on this one:

And speaking of absurdity, the Lakewood BlueClaws have been releasing videos that are jam-packed with groan-inducing puns and shameless sight gags (meaning that inclusion on this blog is guaranteed). Meet “D-Bo”, who provides a joke-filled tour through the ins and outs of the team’s upcoming homestand:

Finally, the Tulsa Drillers are one of many teams to stage a local variation of “American Idol”. This recently released video illustrates a dramatic disparity among the talent levels of the various contestants:

It might be hard to say goodbye to yesterday, but it sure is easy to say goodbye to today.

Until we meet again, I remain: 


Rainy Day Mascot Pics #12 through #35

rain.gifOver a month ago, I put out the word via various social networking applications that my list of blog-worthy material was low. I did this in the hope that someone within my vast cadre of loyal readers would send me something worthwhile to blog about.

Well, someone did. Sue, the woman behind the blog “Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts“, sent me a cache of Minor League mascot pictures. I decided to save said cache for a proverbial “rainy day”, in which I had nothing else whatsoever to write about.

That day is today.

So, without further ado, let’s all enjoy some mascot pics.

#1: Clearwater’s Phinley at his 2008 birthday celebration:

clearwater 1.jpg

Phinley and his pals dance the night away:

clearwater 2.jpg

Rasta Fish, flanked by manatee and alligator

clearwater 3.jpg

Rasta Fish:

clearwater 4.jpg


clearwater 5.jpg

Ferrous and FeFe of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs do their part to transform a Buffalo Bisons fan into an IronPigs supporter:

lehigh valley 1.jpg 

FeFe vs. “Piglets”

lehigh valley 2.jpg

Vegetable Racing in Reading:

reading 1.jpg

Ice Cream w/ Cherry on Top (or is that a plunger?) takes a huge lead over Pizza and Popcorn: 

reading 2.jpg

Crazy Hot Dog Vendor!

reading 3.jpg

The Tooth Fairy and Friend on the Basepaths:

reading 4.jpg

Gnate the Sand Gnat in Savannah (asks Sue: “Is a shirt that says ‘Bite Me’ politically correct, even if you’re a fanged insect?)


In Wilmington, perhaps the most random mascot race of all time: Traffic Cone, Peanut, and Hot Dog:

wilmington 1.jpg

A Rare Mr. Celery Sighting, in his Natural Wilmington Habitat:

wilmington 2.jpg

That’ll do it. Thanks again to Sue for sending these along. If YOU have anything to send along, then by all means do so. It’s hard out here for a year-round Minor League Baseball writer.