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Vero Beach Puts the Squeeze on the Redcoats

vbd.gifTwo worlds collided in Vero Beach on July 22nd, as the Devil Rays’ front office staff brought the fine art of historical war re-enactment to the ballpark. As part of “Revolutionary War Night”, crucial moments of our country’s battle for independence were brought to life for the edification and enjoyment of the evening’s game attendees.

Devil Rays communication manager Christa McElyea sent along “Revolutionary War Night” photos, remarking that the night was “epic…Martha Washington narrated the evening and our mascot Squeeze even got in on the battle action.”

It’s about time that anthropomorphic grapefruits were recognized as the staunch defenders of American liberty that they have always been! Let’s take a look at some photographic evidence of this fine event, shall we?

Here’s the evening’s distinguished host, future first First Lady Martha Washington:

VB Devil Rays Rev War Night 3.jpg

The British are coming! The British are coming! (Note that very few people wished to be photographed with these dastardly rapscallions. Vero Beach fans are true patriots!)

VB Devil Rays Rev War Night 4.jpg

But Squeeze and his fellow American soldiers were ready for the British attack (Also worth noting in this shot is the presence of a man wearing a water cooler as a shirt and a plastic bag over his head):

VB Devil Rays Rev War Night 2.jpg

The British troops, despite being equipped with cell phones and walkie-talkies, were soon forced to surrender:

VB Devil Rays Rev War Night 5.jpg

Soon, everyone put aside their differences in order to enjoy a game of jumbo bowling:

VB Devil Rays Rev War Night 6.jpg

Admittedly, I assembled these pictures to create my own narrative, and the night most likely proceeded in a somewhat different fashion. Regardless, Vero Beach has show a penchant for creative and original promotions this season, and they are to be commended for this effort. Next up on the team’s agenda is the 1-2 punch of “Anti-Doping Night” and “Olympic Night.” Free urine sample cups!