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On the Road: Setting the Scene in Bradenton

This season, my “On the Road” blog posts from each ballpark I visit will be split up into several installments. To see all of my Bradenton Marauders posts, click HERE. To see all of the posts from my April 2015 Florida trip, click HERE. To see all of my “On the Road” posts (going back to 2010), click HERE.

You may recall that, in 2012, Pirates senior director of Florida operations Trevor Gooby helped deliver a baby at the Bradenton Marauders’ home of McKechnie Ballpark. This memorable moment even inspired a Marauders bobblehead giveaway:


I bring this up for a reason, which is pretty much the only reason I ever bring anything up: to make a belabored, needlessly convoluted point. As I was walking around McKechnie Field prior to April 11’s ballgame — the Marauders’ home opener — broadcaster Nate March said the following.

“That baby is older than all of these seats.”


The larger point that March was making was that, despite being a very old ballpark, McKechnie Field — pronounced Mc-Keck-Nee — is also a very new one.  The ballpark was built in 1923, but has undergone many renovations through the years. The most recent, in 2013, included the installation of 2000 new seats as well as the addition of a outfield boardwalk which includes a tiki bar (de rigueur in the Florida State League) and party deck. Then, prior to this season, an expansive new 22,500 square foot clubhouse and a two-story “performance center” was built just beyond right field.

McKechnie Field, then, is in a good place. It’s served as the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Spring Training home since 1969, and the Marauders, the Pirates Class A Advanced affiliate, began play in 2011 (a development made possible thanks to the 2008 addition of field lights, which McKechnie Field had never before had). The Pirates, who own the Marauders outright, signed a 30-year lease extension prior to the 2008 season, so the current arrangement is poised to continue into McKechnie’s second century of existence.

I failed to get any exterior shots of McKechnie prior to entering the stadium. This was my first ballpark stop of 2015, and I was clearly not yet in midseason form. I did, however, get this picture of the area directly beyond the outfield. It at least gives some idea of what the surrounding area is like.

It is surrounded by automobiles:

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