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Here We Go Again

sunset.jpgHello, readers. I hope you have enjoyed the in-season content I have rained down upon you over the past several months. It was both an honor and a privilege to be the conduit through whom this information was conveyed.

But, the season is now in its death throes. The long, cold offseason awaits, ready to envelop us all in blackness. The blog will soldier on through the upcoming months, focusing on all the interesting things teams are doing as they prepare for the 2009 campaign.

But for now, let me provide you with the following bit of information, which serves as a perfect bridge between the season that has passed and the season that will be:

“The Altoona Curve’s long-planned and well-publicized “Salute to Procrastination Night” hasAltoona_Curve.gif been pushed back to the 2009 season…The Curve will now have seven months to plan the details of a 2009 incarnation of the promotion.”

The Curve’s full press release can be read here. Earlier blog posts regarding this long-delayed promotion can be viewed here and here.

And, Remember: Any and all info regarding Minor League promotions and game operations is always appreciated. Email me at benjamin.hill@mlb.com