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On the Road: It’s All a Blur in Brevard County

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If you work in baseball, no matter what it is that you do, you’re going to have an off night. It’s a long season, and sometimes, for whatever reason, the results of your performance won’t meet previously established standards. Why am I saying this? Because, on this season-opening road trip, my visit to the Brevard County Manatees’ home of Space Coast Stadium was most definitely an off night. The combination of a hectic, overheated ballpark atmosphere (Little League Night) and short game time (two hours and 18 minutes) made it so I never found my footing. I was never in the groove. I wasn’t in control of the evening; the evening was in control of me.

C’est la vie. I did the best I could.

So here we go! Game time:


Such was the scene in the top of the first inning, as Dunedin’s Roemon Fields led off the game with a walk and then proceeded to steal second and third. Such developments would have been news to these kids, because “Hey, kids, you’re looking the wrong way!”


Baseball might not hold the attention of today’s youth, but you know what does? The chance to win a free t-shirt.

But who am I to get all self-righteous about watching — or not watching — a baseball game? I never watch the games I attend, as I’m too busy talking to people, watching people eat and participating in grounds crew dancing routines.

Tonight’s routine was to be to the tune of “It’s Not Unusual” by noted Pepsi Kona endorser Tom Jones. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, but Manatees general manager Kyle Smith was willing to explain.

That was all the instruction needed. We killed it out there.

After the dancing, I stayed in the dugout well for a little while. I probably could have found a more worthwhile use for my time, but, what, manatee worry?


Manny is such a lovable fellow, which makes it hard to take the team’s slogan seriously.

IMG_0442Anyhow, it was a pretty good view down there, so long as Manny wasn’t blocking it.

IMG_0425A veritable gaggle of kids was hanging out down here as well, so that they could participate in a between-inning shoe race.


You know the deal:

1. The kids’ shoes are dumped onto the field

2. The kids run toward the pile of shoes

3. The kids must find the pair of shoes belonging to them, and put them on

4. The kids then run back from the field to the finish line near the dugout.

After approximately 47 consecutive foul balls were hit by the last batter of the inning, the kids had their time to (shoe) shine.

While you never would have known it if you had attended the game, the Manatees had announced a promotion earlier in the day that almost immediately garnered national attention. In the wake of Britt McHenry being suspended by ESPN for making “bullying” comments toward a tow truck employee, the Manatees extended an invitation to McHenry to spend the week of her suspension as the team’s field-side reporter. Additionally, they asked McHenry to speak out against the evils of bullying at an upcoming Education Day game.

mchenry_lrn1wk9q_6dcm6e5cI wrote an MiLB.com story all about this promotion. Now it’s time for — you guessed it — a relevant excerpt.

The Manatees’ invitation quickly drew interest from the media, first locally (newspaper Florida Today) and then nationally. As it just so happened, I was in attendance during April 17’s Manatees game at Space Coast Stadium and able to witness the surreal workplace disconnect that can result when a click-baiting Minor League promotion achieves its intended result. As general manager Kyle Smith and director of community relations Jennifer Garcia engaged in their myriad gameday tasks — everything from handling fan questions and complaints to coordinating between-innings promos to, in Smith’s case, doing the “Carlton Dance” during the dragging of the infield — they would periodically duck into (comparatively) quiet ballpark areas to field calls from the media. By the end of the day, the Manatees’ invite had garnered interest from national outlets — perhaps most notably online celebrity gossip powerhouse TMZ — who would ordinarily have no interest in the promotional efforts of a Florida State League baseball franchise.

A couple of days later, after I had returned home to New York City, I was reading the New York Daily News and happened upon this:

IMG_1157 (2)

Weird, right? Also weird is the fact that, all of a sudden, it was nighttime at Space Coast Stadium. I was losing track of time.

IMG_0431As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I was all out of whack this evening. The game was just flying by and I felt powerless to stop it. Maybe because I was powerless to stop it. Before I knew it, the game was over and tennis balls were raining down on the field. Florida weather is weird.


The screaming children then made a mass exodus from the ballpark. Ah, silence. Sweet, sweet, silence.

IMG_0444After the game, I interviewed Kyle about the McHenry promotion. His office, like this conference room, had an exquisite view of the field. Not a bad place in which to work!

IMG_0445While Smith and I were talking, the power at the stadium went out. I don’t know how or why, all I know is that it would have been terrifying and hilarious if this had occurred during the game. All those screaming kids would have been screaming even louder!

This was what Space Coast Stadium looked like as I made my way to the parking lot in darkness.

IMG_1023I could still see the space shuttle, however. At Space Coast Stadium, you can always see the space shuttle.

IMG_1024Stay tuned for part three of this Manatees series, as designated eater Enrique Cortes tackles the “No Wake Zone Burger.”