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Pensacola Provokes Pedagogical Pursuits

I’ve written in the past about using Minor League Baseball as a tool to teach sports marketing at the high school and collegiate level, and have since heard from several teachers doing just this.

A particularly thorough example comes courtesy of Shawn Crull, who teaches a sports marketing class at Indiana’s Fishers High School. Inspired by this post on Pensacola’s “Name the Team” contest, Crull put together the following assignment:

Your Sports Marketing Company (you create a name) has been approached by the city of Pensacola, FL.  They have been awarded a AA minor league baseball team in the Southern League for 2012. The city has narrowed the nickname choices down to a final six – Redbones, Loggerheads, Blue Wahoos, Mullets, Aviators, and Salty Dogs.  That is where you and your colleagues come into the picture.

After selecting one of the names, the students were tasked with creating a team logo, mascot, uniforms, team website, and promotional events.  Some examples of the students’ work follows, presented as coherently as my file conversion skills would allow.

Update: More student uniform designs, many of them awesome, can be seen HERE. Crull’s own designs are HERE. The Pensacola club has since been named the Blue Wahoos, with Plan B Branding in charge of creating the logos and identity.

Loggerheads Logo

Loggerheads Mascot

Blue Wahoos Logo

Not-at-all terrifying Blue Wahoos mascot

Blue Wahoo Uniforms

Wahoo Opening Day Promotional Plan

Mullets Opening Day Promotion

So there you go –a great way to get students to engage with the proverbial “nuts and bolts” of a career in sports.

Crull wrote that his students really seemed to enjoy this assignment, and hopefully other educators will be inspired to follow suit. What I like best about projects such as these is that they get students thinking about a career in Minor League Baseball and what that would entail. When I was a student, the thought of working in this industry never occurred to me despite the fact that I was a huge baseball fan. A project such as the above may very well have provided the necessary motivation, saving me from years of unfocused occupational wandering in the process.

Thanks to Crull for getting in touch. Who will be next?