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Ben's Biz Blog in Brooklyn For Bellies, Baseball

I was attendance at the Brooklyn Cyclones’ “Bellies and Baseball” promotion yesterday, and filed an article on the experience that can be read HERE.

However, following MiLB.com standard operating procedure, said article contained exactly ONE photograph. Believe it or not, I took far more than one photograph, and would like to share them here within the hallowed confines of this blog.

The evening (which, just so we’re clear, was a salute to pregnancy) started off with a pre-game outfield Lamaze Class

Lamaze 2.JPG

Lamaze 4.JPG

Lamaze 5.JPG

Once the Lamaze Class wound up, the ladies and their mates gathered together for a group photo:

Lamzae Post.JPG

Cyclones players really had their hands full when it came to catching the ceremonial first pitch:

First Pitch.JPG

After First Pitch.JPG

The evening was sponsored by the fine folks at Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, who awarded gift baskets to some of the ladies and also provided free cocoa butter samples to fans as they left the ballpark. This was one of the products in the gift basket, which amused me greatly due to the fact that I am 11 years old:

Breast Firming, rotated.JPG

During the game, pregnant ladies were offered complimentary food at the so-called “Craving Station”. (from left to right: pickles, olives, pizza, ice cream, some guy):

Craving Station.JPG

Craving Statino 2.JPG

The TRI-umphant winner of the TRImester TRIcycle race:

Tricycle Winner.JPG

Lest I forget, there was also a “Paint Your Own Bobblehead” giveaway on this evening, complete with a painting station on the concourse. Here are several interpretations of how Sandy the Seagull would look in a Dali-esque hallucinogenic netherworld:

Painted Bobble.JPG

No women gave birth at the game, meaning that no one was able to take the team up on their lifetime season ticket offer. But the Cyclones play in Coney Island, which has recently welcomed a most interesting new arrival:

Snake Child.JPG

Incidentally, “Now fully grown…Totally Awesome” is how I describe myself in the “About Me” section of my Facebook page.

At any rate, I hope to be adding video to this post very soon. If I told you of the hardships I have experienced on the technical front as of late, you would be amazed that one could live through such an ordeal. Or, more likely, you would nod politely while wondering why you ever agreed to go on a date with such a self-absorbed doofus.

Update! Against seemingly insurmountable odds, I shot a video, saved it to my computer, edited it, and uploaded it to YouTube.

Update II — Never mind the above. Let’s move on.

Update III — Here goes nothing:

And in regards to Coney Island — it is one of my favorite places in all of New York City. When I get the time (read: never), I’ll do a post on some of the incredible things the neighborhood has to offer.