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Time To Blow This Joint

seminar.jpgSoon, I will leave the plush confines of MiLB.com HQ in order to take a subway to Penn Station. From there, I will board a NJ Transit train to Newark International Airport. After riding on an inexplicably over-priced “AirTrain” in order to get to the proper terminal, I will catch a flight to New Orleans International Airport. Finally, I will recieve an automobile ride to the Hilton Riverside Hotel.

That final location is the site of this year’s Minor League Baseball Promotional Seminar. I will be covering this event, from tomorrow’s Habitat for Humanity volunteer project all the way through Saturday’s closing remarks. Check MiLB.com for these dispatches from the Big Easy, and, of course, keeping visiting the blog. I’ll do my best to post throughout the week.

One thing’s for sure — the lowlight of this year’s seminar will take place between 10:30 and 11 on the morning of October 3. For it is then that I am scheduled to do a presentation on “The Year That Was in Minor League Promotions.” For those that won’t be there, allow me to summarize: “A bunch of stuff was given away, there were some theme nights, a few celebrities made special appearances, and, of course, a canine mascot pooped on the field on two separate occasions“.

Let me know if I’m missing anything.