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Have Voice, Will Travel

banner.jpgOne of the things I like best about my job is that it encompasses virtually all aspects of the game of baseball, allowing me to correspond with (and often meet) a wide variety of individuals while promoting their sundry endeavors.

The endeavor I wish to promote today involves a man by the name of Joe Price, who is attempting to sing the National Anthem at as many Minor League Ballparks as possible in 2011. Given the Herculean amount of logistics involved, this will be no easy task.

But Price seems up to the challenge. He has already performed at dozens of ballparks nationwide (click HERE for a video from Cincinnati) and thus far the response to what he has dubbed “The Anthem Project” has been encouraging. 105 clubs have already replied in positive fashion, with short-season teams soon to be contacted.

Price’s Anthem Project ties into a book that he is working on, dealing with what he describes as “the history and performance of the National Anthem at professional baseball games.” The project will take place during a sabbatical from California’s Whittier College, where he teaches religious studies (previous works include “Rounding the Bases: Baseball and Religion in America”).

Price is now in the process of “proposing specific dates to various teams”. I encourage theseflagball.jpg clubs to be as flexible as possible, as this is an interesting project and one that could lead to a nice bit of local media coverage just prior.

And if there’s any industry that should be amenable to ambitious and creative promotional endeavors, it’s Minor League Baseball.

Am I right, or am I right?

That was a rhetorical question, as I am right.

And moving on from “right” to “right now”, I would be remiss in my self-imposed Halloween duties if I did not mention two more mascots who have entered the October 31st fray.

In Reno, Archie of the Aces is now delivering “Pumpkin Grams”.


Sez the team:

For just $50, the Aces’ beloved mascot Archie will personally deliver a $25 Reno Aces Gift Card and a small pumpkin with a three-pack of Reno Aces pumpkin-carving templates to the fan of your choice.

cghosts.jpgNow that’s a great idea! I vow that in 2011 I will offer Ben’s Biz Blog pumpkin-carving templates to all who desire them. Now don’t all raise your hands at once.

Finally, it makes sense that the Casper Ghosts, of all clubs, would be staging a Halloween promotion. Team mascot Hobart, who is in fact a platypus, will join “one lucky family” in “hitting up local merchants for treats.”

And if any of the local merchants object, Hobart will have a ready retort: “Bill me!”

Because he’s a platypus, see? No? Well, listen, at least I tried.


Running on Fumes

mt.jpgI’m not content with the level of content I have to work with right now. It’s dangerously close to nil and that’s a harrowing thought.

Without content, I cease to exist.
But, hey, here’s an idea: Throughout the years, a substantial number of Minor League Hockey employees have gotten touch to say they read this blog and are inspired by the creativity of their baseball brethren. Well, let’s start a mutual appreciation society. If you work in hockey and are staging creative promotions applicable to the world of Minor League Baseball, then get in touch. And, as always, photos and video go a long way.
Of course, I still have some news to share. I always do. Continuing with yesterday’s theme, it should be noted that Ferrous of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs is auctioning off his trick-or-treating services.
The bidding has started, and currently sits, at $100. Encourage this costumed pig’s brazen capitalistic impulses by bidding HERE.
Meanwhile, in Delmarva, the Shorebirds have begun their Google Earth-utilizing “Around the  World” contest. Sez the club:


During the offseason, the Delmarva Shorebirds want to see how far the Delmarva Shorebirds brand extends. Send in pictures of youself, your family, your friends and others in Shorebirds gear.

Just two photos have been submitted thus far, one taken at the Shorebirds’ own stadium. But great things rise from the humblest of origins, and the global (or at least bi-coastal) reach of Shorebird nation shall soon be made evident.

Let us now travel northward to Portland, as the Sea Dogs have announced a new twist on the standard “Kids Club” ticket package: The Crib Club.


Targeting fans who have not yet reached the stage of self-awareness, the Crib Club offers the following perks:
(perks lost to the vagaries of WordPress)
All of the above can be attained for a mere $20, which even an infant can recognize as an unbeatable deal. And all this begs the question: What team is going to take this a step further and start an “In Utero” fan club?

Team Logo Ultrasounds!

Finally, after giving it about 12 seconds of thought, I’ve decided I’m going to start an offseason feature on this blog. It’s called “Gratuitous Video Friday”, and is exactly what its name implies. 

Today’s inaugural selection features an immortal song sung by an immortal man. The length of this pride-inducing composition is quite immense, but eminently justifiable and well worth the time investment. If I heard this played at a Minor League ballpark during July 4th fireworks I’d bust out crying for sure. 

Separating the Wheat From the Chaff

News is scarce these days, but by using the foraging skills accumulated over a half decade in the Minor League wilderness I’m able to scavenge enough to get by.

Let’s start with a new logo, although “new” might be an overstatement. “Modified” is more like it, and the modifiers in question are the Pioneer League champion Helena Brewers. They went from this:


To, well, THIS. I’m working on obtaining a picture of the logo that can be posted here, but as for now none are to be found. But what you’ll notice, of course, is that the “B” has been eliminated. The wheat has been given a more functional task as well, transitioning from a decorative swath to the horizontal bridge between the vertical pillars of the “H”.

The Brewers aren’t going against the grain, in other words.

Writing as a means to stave off loneliness, I carry on — to trick or treating mascots! Last week I wrote about Boomer! being available for this crucial October 31st duty, but also up to the task is Buster of the Lakewood BlueClaws and Durham’s Wool E. Bull.

busterhalloween.jpgBuster’s Halloween services are being auctioned off via eBay, with the current high bid being $119.50. Seven days are left to bid, however, and I’m guessing that this will reach high six figures by the time it’s all over.

The Bulls are taking a different approach, as Wool E. Bull will “surprise” one lucky family on Halloween. To qualify, this family must subscribe to the Bulls e-newletter and have registered for the opportunity.

Finally, it is very much the season for stadium renovations. Two major projects are now occurring on opposite sides of the country, dealing with ballparks that are more than halfway to centenarian status.

Work on Tacoma’s Cheney Stadium is moving right along, and the team’s website offers a construction photo gallery and “construction cam“:


Much more info can be found in broadcaster Mike Curto’s latest blog post, where he reveals that his planned “press box destruction tail gate party” was curtailed by the Rainiers’ PCL championship run.

And then there’s Reading’s FirstEnergy Stadium, currently undergoing a $10 million dollar renovation. The latest video progress report, accompanied by a jaunty tune, can be viewed HERE.

Meanwhile, I’m currently soliciting funds for a $10 desk renovation project here at MiLB.com HQ. I need a Scotch tape dispenser and a new pair of scissors.