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The AquaSox Throwback to the Future

I’ve really got to hand it to short-season teams, who keep finding their way into the news despite the close proximity of an Opening Day which does not apply to them.

The latest such club to penetrate the public consciousness is the Everett AquaSox, who have just announced a “brand extension.” This might not be quite as radical as a “complete identity overhaul”, but it is a most significant development nonetheless.

So, how does a brand extend one’s self? Let’s find out by taking a look at the team’s new and improved starting line-up of logos.


As before, Webbly the frog remains the centerpiece of the team’s primary logo.


The big change here is the stylized letter “E”, which is a direct reference to the Seattle Mariners’ “Trident M” logo of the 70s. As the press release points out, this makes the AquaSox “the first Minor League Baseball team to build their identity based on
their affiliate’s throwback logos.”

In fact, the Trident “E” will now be featured on the team’s away caps:


Also of note is a new mark that depicts a literal pair of Aqua Socks. This will be used as a home shoulder patch on the home uniform, as well as an alternate cap:


The “brand extension” is the work of Plan B Branding, a creative ideas and storytelling company whose recent work has resulted in more aggressive bears, moose, and crustaceans.

I’d like to think that this will be it when it comes to new 2010 logos, but I’ve learned not to assume anything. Just when you think that there won’t be any more — BAM! — another one comes from out of nowhere and flattens you on the sidewalk like a sack of bricks falling from an improperly constructed scaffold.