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Events of a Largely Unprecedented Nature

The unveiling of 2012 promotions has not yet reached a deluge, but it has far surpassed a trickle. And within this intermediate zone in which we currently reside, one of the most exciting (and sure-to-be-copied) new promotions is this:

But the above photo, while helpful, doesn’t really do the promotion justice. Per the team: 

The River Bandits are proud to announce, for the first time ever in professional sports in the U.S., a photo jersey auction to benefit local cancer organizations. Small squares in the Bandits players’ numbers are available for purchase, $25 each, to feature a photograph of yourself or a loved one who has been affected by cancer. The jerseys, which will be worn during the game on Friday, August 10th, will be auctioned off during the game. 

I’m sure I’ll be covering this one as it develops, but for now let’s stick with the “Quad” theme and check in on a most distressing development in Lake Elsinore.

Thunder, the mascot for the Lake Elsinore Storm, had his trusty quad stolen from a stadium storage shed! This sounds like it could be a joke, save for the legitimacy bestowed upon the situation by a local ABC news team.

The video is well worth viewing — check it out HERE.

My extensive reporting on the above topic led me to the Storm website, where I discovered the existence of the “Thunder Across Time” web series. How had I not known? This may turn out to be one of the greatest MiLB team video series of all time!

More creative use of video from the West Coast comes courtesy of the Fresno Grizzlies, who are conducting their annual National Anthem auditions in a most unique fashion.

Says the team:

If you think you have what it takes to sing in front of the best fans in Minor League Baseball at a 2012 Grizzlies home game, then upload your audition video to the Youtube between Wednesday, February 8th and Wednesday, March 14th. Winners will be chosen by the Grizzlies front office with the input of the number of video likes on YouTube.

We’re still a ways away from  having a mascot sing the National Anthem, but boy oh boy can they ever dance. The latest (and therefore greatest) example of mascot rump shaking comes courtesy of Tulsa’s Hornsby. Or, as I like to call him, “Bull-yonce.”

Funny that the video is called “All the Single Hornsbys,” as in actuality there appear to be duplicates. But at least Hornsby is a known commodity. Up there in Michigan, the Great Lakes Loons are dealing with an extremely mysterious situation.

So who really does know what’s in the box? It could be anything. Or, maybe, there’s nothing at all. There would be some precedent for that, you know.



In It To Gwinnett

It is a slow day in the world of Minor League news, to the extent that I was considering not even doing a blog post.

But then fate (or, more accurately, Twitter) intervened. For the Gwinnett Braves have just released the following video, one seductive in its sensuality (or would that be sensual in its seductiveness?) Observe:

In all honesty, Chopper looks to be a little too good at his job. I would be a bit wary of hiring him to deliver a Valentine’s Day present, out of fear that his charm and confidence would further illuminate my already glaring flaws and insecurites. Standing there before my (theoretical) sweetheart, he would serve as a living (albeit costumed) embodiment of all that I can never be.

But who has time for romance anyway? In what has become a tradition of sorts, I plan tolhc.png spend Valentine’s Day writing impassioned message board editorials on how Switzerland’s Large Hadron Collider will create a world-consuming black hole, resulting in the obliteration of all matter as well as consciousness itself.

But that’s neither here nor there. Minor League mascot Valentine’s Day delivery services have become a time-honored offseason promotion, and something that I have written about extensively in the past. I will certainly be making note of these initiatives on this blog as well as my Promotion Preview column, so please get in touch if you are aware of endeavors similar to what is going on in Gwinnett County.

Remember — What better way to say ‘I Love You’ than the gift of a spatula than by having a Minor League mascot personally deliver 2010 game tickets?


A Post of Presidential Proportions

As part of my new “Don’t Enjoy Life, Just Blog” initiative, I am attempting to post new content as much as possible. So let me take time out on this beautiful afternoon in order to share a photo I have recently obtained.

Let it be known that our current Commander-in-Chief is an ardent supporter of Ben’s Biz Blog:


This was the second-most notable celebrity spotting of my life. Unfortunately, no photos exist of the time I saw the bad guy from “UHF” in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.