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Old Captain! New Captain!

Some big logo news reached these shores today, as the Lake County Captains have unveiled a new identity.

The primary mark is one of the splashiest in years. It’s naut bad at all!


Sez the team:

The new primary logo solidifies the Captains nautical theme and the organization’s ties to Lake County. The primary colors in the new scheme will be navy blue, light blue, tan, yellow and flesh. The primary logo features a ship wheel with the new “Captains” script font across the center with a baseball below the name coming out of a wave of water. The handles of the ships wheel represent the knobs of baseball bats.

The logo seen above replaces this, which has been made to walk the plank:

But don’t worry, the Captain is still represented. Check out this alternate cap logo:


And this alternate jersey design is nothing if not C-worthy:


At home or on the road, the players’ caps will feature this well-lit design:

And, finally, this sleeve emblem is in shipshape condition. Sorry I didn’t get to it schooner:

The logos were designed by Studio Simon, but no one had to tell me that. This Louisville, KY-based firm has developed a quite recognizable aesthetic, one that can be spotted across the Minor League landscape (including the Eugene Emeralds and Bradenton Marauders as well as logos for the Winter Meetings, Opening Day, and the Professional Baseball Umpires Corporation).

Meanwhile, all this talk of Captains has gotten me thinking about Jack London’s “Sea Wolf.” That book is awesome; you should read it and then email me your opinions.