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One Step Closer To the Inevitable…

golden.jpgLast week I did a post on the innovative season ticket plan launched by the Huntsville Stars and the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx, in which each team would honor the other’s Season Ticket Holder cards when they face each other.

Well, this is an idea that is quickly taking on a life of its own, as last week the Stars and D-Jaxx announced that the Mississippi Braves and the Chattanooga Lookouts had entered into the agreement as well. This means that each club’s 70-game season ticket plan now includes 24 additional road games.

You realize what this is all building toward, right? No? Well I’ll tell you — This is all building toward a bold new future in which a Minor League team’s season ticket plan also includes admission to each and every away game. Granted, we’re not there yet, but we are most certainly headed down that path. Prepare yourselves.

On The Topic — Somewhat similar to the new Stars and D-Jaxx ticket plan is the arrangement that exists between the Pacific Coast League’s Round Rock Express and the Texas League’s Corpus Christi Hooks. Both teams are owned and operated by Ryan-Sanders Baseball, and as a result honor the other’s season tickets and also offer team-rate discounts at the team hotel in each city.  (thanks to Hooks’ director of ballpark entertainment Seamus Gallivan for the info)

Off the Topic, But Still Related To One of the Teams in Question — The Stars, a Brewershart.jpg affiliate, are hosting a youth baseball camp on November 8. And this camp is going to be run by none other than Corey Hart. However, the Corey Hart in question is not this Corey Hart, who currently patrols right field for the Brewers. Nor is it this Corey Hart, who scored a pop smash in 1983 with “Sunglasses at Night”. Rather, it is Brewers Minor League hitting instructor Corey Hart, whose eight-year pro playing career came to an end in 2005.

All three of these Corey Harts are worthy of respect and admiration. Just don’t get confused, is all I’m saying.   

Befriending the Enemy

AWESTTENN.gifHey, you know what I like to share on this blog?

Ideas, that’s what. That, and bad jokes.

From the former category, I would like to highlight a recent innovation that was jointly announced by the Southern League’s Huntsville Stars and West Tenn Diamond Jaxx. Beginning next season, each team will now honor the other’s Season Ticket Holder cards when they
face each other.

The motivation for this came about after the Stars and theHuntsville Stars.jpg Diamond Jaxx met in a one-game playoff for the first-half North Division title. I have gone far too long without utilizing a press release quote, so please let me rectify this situation immediately:

“[The Diamond Jaxx} brought down a couple of bus loads of fans from Jackson to root on their guys,” explained [Stars GM Buck] Rogers. “It made for a really good atmosphere at the ballpark. This is an opportunity to help
promote the rivalry between the two teams and their fans, and it’s just a really good way to thank
our season ticket holders for their support.”

Considering the fact that the two teams play each other 20 times per season, this offer effectively adds 10 games to each club’s 70-game season ticket plan.

Obviously, this is an idea that could be implemented throughout the Minors, between any two Division Rivals who play a short distance from one another. Congrats to the D-Jaxx and the Stars for being potential trendsetters.

Moving On…Being of an indefatigable nature, I will make sure to update this blog regularly throughout the long, cold, offseason. Still, I must admit that in this time of year it is tough to continually find engaging and interesting material.

This is where you come in. If you work for a team, get in touch! I am interested in everything from belated promo recaps to anecdotes from the season that has passed to upcoming ’09 plans. And if you don’t work in the industry, that’s okay too. Email me for absolutely any reason at all. Basically, I just like getting email.

And I am certainly amenable to the idea of a “guest post” as well. If anyone would like to step in and write a biz-related post, then email me. This is an opportunity to take advantage of, as it is not everyday that one is given the chance to write for a vast cadre of loyal readers.