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Places To Go, People To See

Officer Giving Directions.jpgIn lieu of, you know, actually providing new content, I will wrap up this blogging week by directing you elsewhere.

CNBC’s Darren Rovell maintains a consistently interesting sports business blog, and yesterday he caught up with former track star Carl Lewis in Beijing. Most of Rovell’s conversation with Lewis revolved around his infamous rendition of the National Anthem at a Nets-Bulls game in 1993 (which can be listened to, in all its glory, here).

Rovell wraps up his post with the following exchange between himself and Lewis:

Me: Will you ever sing the National Anthem again?


I don’t know. It may happen again one day. Trust me, there’s a lot of
things in life I said


I’d never do and somehow people convince me to do

Me: But don’t you think you have to sing it again to prove you can, you know, start on the right key?

People know me know my past, what I stood for, what I did for the
sport. As far as the Anthem goes, people know where to find me. They
know how to get me to do it again. (Lewis rubs his fingers together as
if to say it would take money.) 

Minor league teams… start the bidding! Carl Lewis Anthem Night would be a sure sellout.

Carl Lewis Anthem Night is an excellent idea, and it would generate a ton of publicity for the team that makes it happen. Any concerns over the evening’s possible lack of respect for the National Anthem could be mitigated by including a bevy of overtly patriotic elements as well. Just make sure Roseanne doesn’t show up.

100px-DaytonDragons.JPGAnd speaking of patriotism…the Gameops.com Editor’s Blog has a great post today, featuring video of an incredible event that took place at a Dayton Dragons game. As part of a “Hometown Heroes Celebration” of local members of the military, the club helped orchestrate a very touching reunion between a deployed serviceman and his family.

I don’t want to give anything anyway, but Dragons’ are to be commended for staging such a well-orchestrated stunt. It would be hard to top this one. 

Hopefully George Clooney will see this and it will inspire him to stop talking trash.