Can 'The Beast' Be Beaten?

wimpy.pngAfter a five-day stint in Indianapolis for the Winter Meetings, I have safely returned to New York City’s comforting embrace. There is still much Winter Meetings blogging to come, as soon as I complete the Herculean task of uploading photos. In the meantime, I would encourage everyone to check out my anecdotally-driven wrap-up article HERE

But, for now, I would like to draw everyone’s attention to the blog of CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell. Specifically, Rovell wrote today about an attention-getting concession item that will be served up next season by the Gateway Grizzlies of the independent Frontier League.

It’s called “The Beast”, and it’s 15 burgers stacked atop one another:

the beast.jpg 

Frankly, I am unimpressed…and I am not just saying that because the Grizzlies are an independent team and I cover affiliated ball. The team has a distinguished history when it comes to over-the-top concessions, and I commend them for their efforts. I would also like to suggest that they open a pharmacy on their concourse and call it “Gateway Drugs.”

But “The Beast” is is just a pile of burgers, and I do not think it will end up being 2010’s mostquestion.jpg intriguing concession item.

But, what will? Is someone in the world of affiliated ball going to step up in this category?

I am devoting so much space to this because there is a little history here. If you’ll recall, last season Rovell picked up my post on West Michigan’s Fifth-Third Burger. The story then spread through the internet like virtual wildfire, resulting in a massive boost in readership for yours truly.

So, yes, this post is more self-serving than an afternoon at Old Country Buffet. I challenge you all to create an eye-popping concession item, and then get in touch. My livelihood depends on this.

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