Brooklyn Cyclones Honor Full House to the Fullest

The Brooklyn Cyclones, not surprisingly, are at it again. In 2015, the Class A Short-Season Mets affiliate staged a rollicking tribute to Saved By the BellThis season, the nostalgia-inducing early-’90s sitcom in question is Full House. And why not? The San Francisco-set TGIF TV night staple is currently enjoying a renaissance via Netflix’s Fuller House reboot.

The Cyclones’ tribute to the Tanner family, taking place on July 9, is anchored by a John Stamos “real hair” Uncle Jesse bobblehead (2500 of which will be given away). Stamos used to have a lot more hair, but as you can see from the below tweet he has since “cut it out.” (Yeah, I know that was an Uncle Joey saying, but whatever).

In times like these, I defer to the almighty fountain of information that is the press release.

The Full House Tribute Night will be held at MCU Park on Coney Island (The City by Sheepshead Bay)….The Cyclones cannot say with certainty that they will HAVE MERCY on their opponents that evening, the Rush Hour Renegades (Okay, their [sic] actually from Hudson Valley, but we’re going for a theme here in case you didn’t notice).

[T]he Cyclones will be wearing special on-field jerseys that will instantly take you back to those Friday nights in front of your TV watching “TGIF”.  The uniforms will feature a foggy Golden Gate Bridge on the front and a design reminiscent of Uncle Jesse’s wallpaper, pink bunny and all, on the back.


The Cyclones aren’t the first Minor League Baseball team to don Full House jerseys, of course. That honor — or debasement, depending on your point of view — goes to the Frisco RoughRiders. (And, you oughta know, the ‘Riders actually brought Dave “Uncle Joey” Coulier out to the ballpark.)

FullHouseAs for the Cyclones, there’s Kokomo going on than the Stamos bobblehead. Again, I return you to the magical realm of the press release:

  • In honor of Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky’s 25th Wedding Anniversary (has it really been that long?) the first 25 couples who were married in 1991 will be able to throw a first pitch prior to the game.  They will also be invited onto the field prior to the start of post-game fireworks for a cheek-to-cheek dance to Uncle Jesse’s hit song “Forever.” 
  • Danny Tanner Clean-Off
  • Uncle Jesse Air Guitar Contest
  • No Hands Cereal Eating Competition – After Uncle Jesse’s motorcycle crash, he tries to eat a bowl of cereal with two broken arms, contestants will be asked to do the same (don’t worry, nobody’s arms will be broken during the process)
  • Uncle Joey Race Around the Bases – Contestants will have to perform various tasks associated with Uncle Joey including dressing like Bullwinkle, playing the role of Popeye and saving Olive Oil, scoring a hockey goal and then racing home to wave the Canadian Flag. 
  • How Rude Pout Cam
  • Kimmy Gibbler Stinky Feet Competition – Some poor soul on our staff will judge who has the most foul smelling hoofs in the ballpark.
  • All broken bats will be presented by Ranger Joe’s sidekick Mr. Woodchuck.
  • In honor of the Olsen Twins and Michelle Tanner, real life twins will be able to take advantage of 2-for-1 ticket deals at the box office.

Re: the “no-hands cereal eating contest”:

Expert Minor League observers (ok, me) will note that this isn’t the first time that the Cyclones held a sitcom-related cereal-eating competition at the ballpark. During 2014’s Seinfeld promo, fans competed to finish a bowl of cereal (including the milk).

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